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Monday Night Update

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Hello again!

Its been a while so wanted to make sure to write before bed today.

I had a pretty active Monday today. My day started with breakfast and stem-cells shortly thereafter, after which I usually shower and get ready for physio-therapy at 11am. Then lunch, more physio at 2pm, followed by more stem-cells between 3:30 and 4:30. Feeling more energy mixed with a determined interest in going to yoga (I had missed several yoga sessions due to my cold), I attended the hour long session starting at 5:30.  I found it very tiring and had to do it a bit slower than the pace of the instruction, but hope to have a bit more stamina next time.

Today I also received a larger dose of stems-cell in the afternoon: a 5ml IV injection of cells in addition to the regular IM injection in my arm. I guess the dose is significant enough that they gave me two medications with the stem-cells to avoid shudders and such that some patients get afterwards.  The administration of the larger dose went well, and I am now getting ready for bed knowing that there are millions of young stem-cells making their way through my body, praise God!

I’ve taken a lot of pictures and will upload some soon when I have patience/energy to post them (the Internet here moves at a glacial pace).

Tomorrow I hope to go to the neighborhood market to feed the local puppies and buy some basics such as facial tissue for my continuing congestion.

Sending my best wishes and gratitude,


Procedure Today

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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that in about an hour I will be going in for my second Caudal Procedure, during which the doctor gives an injection of stem-cells into my lumbar area. After the procedure, I must lie in bed for an hour before resuming the rest of my day. I am excited for it because it facilitates a higher dose of stem-cells than my “regular” twice daily doses, but also itsnt particularly painful as the two day catheter version.

Thats it for now.

-Ari : )

Be it the improvement of my cold or the stem-cells, I am feeling much more energy today than in the last week or so.

Saturday – January 21, 2012

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More physiotherapy, which I now have 11 times per week

Wedding procession

Wedding procession with groom on horse

Mall security with rifle

Man squatting by a busy intersection

Wednesday January 18, 2012

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Wednesday Jan 18 – First Epidural Catheter Procedure

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Dear All;
Feeling a bit tired and under the weather today and yesterday (sore throat), but so very happy and grateful to God that I have been given the great privilege/blessing of Nutech Mediworld’s stem-cell treatments.

Today I had my first epidural catheter “installed” into the lower mid-section of my back. The procedure was at 11 am and went smoothly. I have an external catheter/thing tapped to my lower back, and a line that is used for larger stem-cell injections – of which I have had three today! The hassle is that I must remain in my own room for all day and all of tomorrow, and must spend most of my time lying flat on my back or with my bed inclined.

Other news is that I was moved to a new (and better) room this past Monday – number 203. I now have a view of the street and some trees rather than the old building next door. I am thrilled to have two large windows that make this new room very bright during the day. Additionally, Sheila will be headed back to Santa Rosa tomorrow morning at 6:45 am for the 23 hour journey. I will miss her very, very much. Having Sheila’s help, support, wisdom, faith, and positive spirit through the first leg of my first journey to India has been invaluable. I am sad to see her return, but am also excited to get to know Claudia, who arrived today and will be my caretaker for the remainder of this trip.

Some random pictures from week 1

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Stem-cell IV

Spec scan
Nutech Mediworld
Woman carrying bricks at a construction site
The local post office
Dominos delivery bikes
Typical shop within walking distance of Nutech – during a power outage

Cow grazing in an outdoor mall - eating flowers and drinking a coffee left on a bench!

Stem-cell dosing increase

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Hello everyone,

It is Friday morning and it feels surreal that I’ve been here in India almost a week! (we arrived last saturday at 1:15 am local time)  The days here are jam-packed with activity.  Starting around 8:30 am nurses (called sisters), doctors, and other clinic staff are constantly in and out of our room until approximately 9:30 pm.  It slows a little in the evening, but for the most part, contact with medical staff seems to occur almost every half hour.

Yesterday, along with another patient and his mother, Sheila and I had the opportunity to go to an outdoor market.  In two grocery stores we found a small selection of organic products.  I even purchased some tea that was USDA certified organic!  It has been surprising and pleasing to have access to many American and other familiar brands of food products.  While walking around the market, we got to see a cow, grazing on flowers and drinking from an abandoned coffee cup.

Three days ago I began receiving nasal stem-cell drops in addition to my twice daily intramuscular injections.  For the nasal drops, a nurse administers a series of three doses with one our between each dose.  Today, my dose of intramuscular stem cells has been double from 15 units twice a day to 30 units twice daily, which is very exciting!!

I can hardly believe that I have been given this amazing oppourtunity to receive such medical care, and the chance of a lifetime to see New Delhi.  Thank you to all!

I will write again when I get another short moment of quiet, haha.


Physio Therapy occurs six times a week. My time for physio is 11 am.Holy Cow - Walking in a large outdoor mall, grazing!

The Accommodations

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My room as viewed from the front door


This is where the food is kept


Here is a typical meal at the clinic



View from the window on a cloudy day



This pigeon frequents the banister outside my window, but never stays more than a minute or two…



Notice the "open" shower plan




Arriving in India (1/7/12)

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Arrival in India

Sheila and I after passing through customs

Here goes!

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Hello and Welcome!

I am starting this blog to chronicle and share an amazing journey to health that I have recently embarked on.  My sister Dannie and I have both suffered from Lyme Disease and resulting health issues for or over 12 years.   In short, it has brought our lives to an excruciating standstill.  Having fared better than my sister, I have now been given the opportunity to travel to New Delhi, India, for embryonic stem-cell therapy, which is expected to facilitate complete healing – and am hoping and praying that she will be able to join me soon!

Thank you for your interest, prayers, support, and vital contributions.

For additional information and ways to help, please visit


Ari Steele-Baker

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