Newsletter Fall and Winter 2014/15

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Journey of Faith and Healing.2014 fall winter NEWSLETTER Volume 1 Issue 2

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As we near Thanksgiving, Ari, Dannie (Imani) and I would like to extend our tremendous gratitude to you, for your loving support, your prayers, your help in educating yourself and others to prevent Lyme disease impacting others as it has us. We could not have come this far without you. Truly. It may sound trite or cliché, but it is absolutely true. The moments strung into hours, to days, to weeks, months and years we could not have traveled alone. I can’t tell you how many times in the darkest of hours when surviving one more moment seemed insurmountable, knowing that we were loved and supported – that even strangers had reached out to care — carried us on.

The Lyme Community has lost several dear ones this past year to the illness and related complications including suicide. I am forever grateful that Dannie (Imani) and Ari have remained faithful in their belief in God, and strong in the support you have provided. Please know that you have made a difference.

2104 november Imani and Ari (640x511)

Update since newsletter:

Ari continues to improve. He got through three episodes of the flu without a tremendous relapse! His maintenance plan which includes strengthening his immune system is holding his progress, and he continues to gain more and more of his life back!

Dannie (Imani) continues to face challenges daily, spending three weeks of October 2014 in the hospital. She is now at home and we are in the beginning stages of putting together a “day treatment” of sorts at home. This will involve programming 3-4 hours a day to help her begin move toward having more time out of bed and out of her room, rebuilding life skills, reducing isolation and enhancing her daily experience. Elements of this will be Physical Therapy, movement, tutoring, art, etc. We are looking for someone, or two people to tag team, to spend 3-4 hours a day, five days a week, developing a schedule, coordinating services, leading activities and being with her in a compassionate, positive way. I have attached the job description – please have anyone interested contact me through our email: You are free to distribute.

In addition, her caregiver who provides custodial care (hands on care giving, cooking, light cleaning, etc.) will be out for a month for her own medical needs so we need to hire a full time caregiver as well, through the In-Home Supportive Services program (county funded). Referrals for this position are welcomed/needed, as well.

2014 will close better than it opened!!! We ask, and believe what you have given will be multiplied and returned to you.

With great love and gratitude, Kate, Ari and Dannie (Imani)

Beyond the Headlines sitting (2)

Job description

CREATIVE CAREGIVER/COMPANION WANTED for bright 24 year old young woman recovering from Lyme Disease
Seeking creative caregiver for young woman with Lyme disease. We’re looking for someone with a compassionate, lively, go-getter personality. Daily tasks include:

– Help with daily routines (getting up, scheduling the day/week) and support with healing activities

– Plan, coordinate  and participate in activities (art, exercises, stretching, basic math review, etc.)

– Medication management (non-medical background okay, we’ll show you what to do)

– Be present and engaged

Looking for someone who is comfortable using the internet and computer programs like Word. Definitely someone with initiative, health-minded and excellent communication skills!  English proficient required. No previous experience required.
Part-time, flexible. 3-4 hours a day/5 days, we can be flexible and consider tag-team of two people.


-Ability to read and follow instructions

-Willingness to learn

-Clear communication in English

-Ability to work independently

-Empathy and kindness

-Ability and willingness to plan and  provide appropriate activities

-Driver’s license

-Legal documentation to work


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