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A Note from Sheila

In New Delhi, Sheila on June 1, 2012 at 10:48 am

Sheila lived around the corner from me in elementary school. We attended the same schools in Santa Rosa through HighSchool… overlapping in being cheerleaders in elementary and middle school. yet  had not been in touch since mid-high school. Then a few very full months ago when some class mates of mine in Santa Rosa came to know about our struggle, Sheila joined the “team” that have become enthusiastically committed to seeing Ari and Dannie through to renewed health. Literally forty years of no contact, then she stepped up and gave us the most incredible gift of her love and presence. What do you say about a woman who comes along side your children when you are unable to be there? That bears witness to incredible suffering, who sacrifices time with her own family, travels half way around the world, lives in clinic, braves 110 degree weather, listens and loves, and listens again to me when give long lists of things to be considered, things to be done, when I repeat myself over and over out of the angst of not being there, that negotiates and monitors, washes dishes, comforts, packs and unpacks, not once but twice?

thank you is not sufficient. My heart is full. Dannie and Ari have been nurtured, loved, listened to, respected and deeply cared for. God truly hand picked her for this job, and she responded with “yes”.


Dannie and Sheila, just outside her room yesterday.

Below is a note from Sheila~

“This has been another wonderful life experience for me returning to Nu-Tech in India.

Really getting to know Dannie for who she is has been so heartwarming for me.  Dannie is a very concrete, solid, knows what she wants, and “doesn’t want kind of girl.  Once she gets well I can picture her in the Miss Universe competition.  Not only is she smart, intelligent, bright, but one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met, inside and out.  All the hopes and dreams she has will come true someday.  She is strong willed.  Her belief in God is very deep and trusting.  She’s not mad for being sick.  Just wants to get well, which she will, “no doubt.”  Sometimes God puts us in situations we do not understand, but always reasons for it.

Being here is a life changing experience.  You meet and go through daily life at the clinic with people from different places in the world.  Right now there are people here from Australia, Germany, Sudan, Africa and the U.S.

I thank our God for allowing me this opportunity to meet some of his “Angel”s” here on earth. Ari and Dannie are certainly two of them.  And their doggies Lilly and Wesley are the “Furry Angel’s.”

Thank you Kathleen for trusting in me to watch over your precious children and doggies.

Lots of love sent,


Stem-cell dosing increase

In Ari, Medical, New Delhi, Personal, Sheila on January 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Hello everyone,

It is Friday morning and it feels surreal that I’ve been here in India almost a week! (we arrived last saturday at 1:15 am local time)  The days here are jam-packed with activity.  Starting around 8:30 am nurses (called sisters), doctors, and other clinic staff are constantly in and out of our room until approximately 9:30 pm.  It slows a little in the evening, but for the most part, contact with medical staff seems to occur almost every half hour.

Yesterday, along with another patient and his mother, Sheila and I had the opportunity to go to an outdoor market.  In two grocery stores we found a small selection of organic products.  I even purchased some tea that was USDA certified organic!  It has been surprising and pleasing to have access to many American and other familiar brands of food products.  While walking around the market, we got to see a cow, grazing on flowers and drinking from an abandoned coffee cup.

Three days ago I began receiving nasal stem-cell drops in addition to my twice daily intramuscular injections.  For the nasal drops, a nurse administers a series of three doses with one our between each dose.  Today, my dose of intramuscular stem cells has been double from 15 units twice a day to 30 units twice daily, which is very exciting!!

I can hardly believe that I have been given this amazing oppourtunity to receive such medical care, and the chance of a lifetime to see New Delhi.  Thank you to all!

I will write again when I get another short moment of quiet, haha.


Physio Therapy occurs six times a week. My time for physio is 11 am.Holy Cow - Walking in a large outdoor mall, grazing!

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