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Late Entry from Ari 5.7.2012

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May 7, 2012


I am home, tired, grateful, and optimistic. I was excited to be greeted at the airport by Michael, with balloons and much missed “American”snacks. Thanks to Sheila and Denise, I was also welcomed by Lily, Wes and Tori,(our dogs and cat) who had all been taken care of with great care, to the point I am not sure they were as pleased to be home as I was to see them! I came home to a house, though”empty” without Dannie and my mom, full of love! Silva was there and had received the dogs and cats and a delivery from Whole Foods early in theday, aired out the house. Barbara, Denise, Janae and Wayne collected our mail,and Janae has been making sure my mom is up to date with important stuff…. So many people have been a part of our being able to make this trip to India, and me coming back.


TheCentral Peninsula Church had done a “home makeover” which is Amazing!It was very meaningful to come home to a “home” that is filled with newness and a place to continue not only healing, but LIVING.

The whole house has a fresh feeling, organized, clean, and different. This means alot, as thru the illness… Dannie and my incapacity and mom’s over extended schedule and resources, some things just couldn’t get done or be kept up with. My room has a new masculine look… paint, area rug, head board, bedding,chairs…(mom’s and Dannie’s room are still a secret!). The garden is amazing…with new plants and much added color.  So many times in India, I just craved being in my garden, as it has been a place of relaxation and fruitful enjoyment. I will be back in it soon…with the new plants, order and tan bark reflecting God’s love through many “strangers” from Central Peninsula Church! It will always be a richer experience and reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Oh,and I can’t forget that there are now two cars in the garage! May sound insignificant to those unfamiliar with our “before” garage, but certainly is significant… lots of stuff gone and the rest of the stuff organized .Being the ‘car person” in our family, and moving here from a home with no garage, I had wanted a second car in the garage for the whole time we have lived here, and now it is possible. Thank you so much.


It’s a bit overwhelming being here, not having had any time to recover before throwing myself onto a plane and back to the real world – exhausted and fee lthat I am unable to adequately communicate the complexity of my experience …I feel both excited, some sense of loss leaving India (the warmth of newfound friends and a different way of life) and not quite sure what to do with myself in this period of transition. I am so grateful for the stem-cells and needing time for rest and quiet reflection. Please pray for me that God listens and speaks to me louder that I might hear. I know that there are great things ahead!  Dr Geeta has told me that it will take about two weeks for me to recover from the travel, and I  CANT WAIT to see again all the improvements I have experienced and those yet to come!

I am so grateful, not only for my opportunity to receive stem cells and begin ahealing process that is changing the course of my life, but for my sister, who has waited faithfully for healing for so many years.


Thank you all so much,








first days 025

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first days 025

Send off January 2012

Thank you everyone for your comments!

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Hello everyone!

Thank you all very much for your supportive and loving comments! It is a joy for me to read and be reminded of all those that have so generously supported and encouraged me, and have made it possible for me to be where I am now.

Right mow I have just started a 4ml stem-cell dose with additional hydration through an IV drip (4ml is a “higher” dose that is administered maybe every week or so depending on my other procedures). This will be followed by another IV filled with a multivitamin.

I am very pleased to report that since my arrival I have experienced reduced daily back pain (almost none on a “regular day” now), levels of energy comparable to what I had at home but without needing adderall, which is huge for me (adderall was the only way I was able to get up everyday and get myself dressed and to take one class), as well a some increased muscle tone, thanks to the rigorous physio therapy routine (11 times per week!).

While I am still very limited in endurance, number of wakeful hours, ability to proccess new information throuought the day, and other physical limitations, the slow changes I have experienced so far give me great excitement and hopeful thoughts of one day being an independent adult man (though not independent of the Lord my God), according to His glory.

Suffice it to say, I am in great spirits this Saturday! I am grateful to the Lord for his many blessings, and to the the people who have given their love and their resources to make my treatment and healing possible, and to those who continue in their love, compassion, kindness, support, and generosity to make healing a reality for Dannie also!

With love, excitement, and gratitude,








Stem-cell dosing increase

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Hello everyone,

It is Friday morning and it feels surreal that I’ve been here in India almost a week! (we arrived last saturday at 1:15 am local time)  The days here are jam-packed with activity.  Starting around 8:30 am nurses (called sisters), doctors, and other clinic staff are constantly in and out of our room until approximately 9:30 pm.  It slows a little in the evening, but for the most part, contact with medical staff seems to occur almost every half hour.

Yesterday, along with another patient and his mother, Sheila and I had the opportunity to go to an outdoor market.  In two grocery stores we found a small selection of organic products.  I even purchased some tea that was USDA certified organic!  It has been surprising and pleasing to have access to many American and other familiar brands of food products.  While walking around the market, we got to see a cow, grazing on flowers and drinking from an abandoned coffee cup.

Three days ago I began receiving nasal stem-cell drops in addition to my twice daily intramuscular injections.  For the nasal drops, a nurse administers a series of three doses with one our between each dose.  Today, my dose of intramuscular stem cells has been double from 15 units twice a day to 30 units twice daily, which is very exciting!!

I can hardly believe that I have been given this amazing oppourtunity to receive such medical care, and the chance of a lifetime to see New Delhi.  Thank you to all!

I will write again when I get another short moment of quiet, haha.


Physio Therapy occurs six times a week. My time for physio is 11 am.Holy Cow - Walking in a large outdoor mall, grazing!

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