Monday Night Update

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Hello again!

Its been a while so wanted to make sure to write before bed today.

I had a pretty active Monday today. My day started with breakfast and stem-cells shortly thereafter, after which I usually shower and get ready for physio-therapy at 11am. Then lunch, more physio at 2pm, followed by more stem-cells between 3:30 and 4:30. Feeling more energy mixed with a determined interest in going to yoga (I had missed several yoga sessions due to my cold), I attended the hour long session starting at 5:30.  I found it very tiring and had to do it a bit slower than the pace of the instruction, but hope to have a bit more stamina next time.

Today I also received a larger dose of stems-cell in the afternoon: a 5ml IV injection of cells in addition to the regular IM injection in my arm. I guess the dose is significant enough that they gave me two medications with the stem-cells to avoid shudders and such that some patients get afterwards.  The administration of the larger dose went well, and I am now getting ready for bed knowing that there are millions of young stem-cells making their way through my body, praise God!

I’ve taken a lot of pictures and will upload some soon when I have patience/energy to post them (the Internet here moves at a glacial pace).

Tomorrow I hope to go to the neighborhood market to feed the local puppies and buy some basics such as facial tissue for my continuing congestion.

Sending my best wishes and gratitude,


  1. So good to hear from you my sweet, sweet Ari. Nu-Tech sounds busy as ever! All those millions of baby stem cells are finding their place. Before you know it two months is going to be here and you’ll be way on your way to wellness. I am so happy and feel so good about the treatment.
    Looking forward to seeing the new pictures you’ve taken.
    Tell everyone hello for me. I miss you and Delhi.
    Love and hugs and tons of prayers,


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