Wednesday Jan 18 – First Epidural Catheter Procedure

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2012 at 7:39 pm

Dear All;
Feeling a bit tired and under the weather today and yesterday (sore throat), but so very happy and grateful to God that I have been given the great privilege/blessing of Nutech Mediworld’s stem-cell treatments.

Today I had my first epidural catheter “installed” into the lower mid-section of my back. The procedure was at 11 am and went smoothly. I have an external catheter/thing tapped to my lower back, and a line that is used for larger stem-cell injections – of which I have had three today! The hassle is that I must remain in my own room for all day and all of tomorrow, and must spend most of my time lying flat on my back or with my bed inclined.

Other news is that I was moved to a new (and better) room this past Monday – number 203. I now have a view of the street and some trees rather than the old building next door. I am thrilled to have two large windows that make this new room very bright during the day. Additionally, Sheila will be headed back to Santa Rosa tomorrow morning at 6:45 am for the 23 hour journey. I will miss her very, very much. Having Sheila’s help, support, wisdom, faith, and positive spirit through the first leg of my first journey to India has been invaluable. I am sad to see her return, but am also excited to get to know Claudia, who arrived today and will be my caretaker for the remainder of this trip.

  1. Yay for big doses of stem cells! I love room 203! Stayed there in Nov/Dec 2010. Sending you visions of health.


  2. You are all in my prayers! I pray God’s Healing powers in your total body Ari in Jesus Holy Name Amen!


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