Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday


Post Five

April 1, 2012 Palm Sunday

Spring. New beginnings. Celebration of rebirth.

O Christ our God

When Thou didst raise Lazarus from the dead before Thy Passion,

Thou didst confirm the resurrection of the universe.

Wherefore, we like children,

carry the banner of triumph and victory,

and we cry to Thee,

O Conqueror of Death,

Hosanna in the highest!

Blessed is He that cometh

in the Name of the Lord.

Little baby stem cells making their way to their new homes… ready to burst into life. True healing. Rebuilding…

We are grateful~ God-designed life… not a drug,  but the basic element of human life. Billions in Ari’s and Dannie’s bodies, programmed by their/our Creator to evolve perfectly into what is needed.

Each day we are dying to old things and giving birth to new. It is required here. Letting go, if only temporarily, to old and familiar ideas, old comforts, food, smells, sounds, sights, concepts, ideas, ways of being…. Opening to new, changing, perplexing circumstances, requirements, causes and effects, rhythms…  Open to each moment. Sometimes feeling like we are free falling, but with the comfort of knowing that we have a safety net woven of faith and evidence of so many miracles.

Dannie has experienced some progress!!! Thursday she muscled herself into a wheel chair to get outside her room and see, at least the building, where she is… we sat outside NuTech for a few minutes before going back inside. It was celebrated by the doctors… taking pictures, making them the screen saver on the community computer… joyous. No holding back with “professional distance” but clear celebration and proclamation of their excitement. Friday she sat in the shower by sheer force of will, for the first time in months, perhaps four, and Saturday she was able to tolerate having her hair combed out by Abha, who was a miracle worker. We anticipated that the mats would need to be cut out, leaving her without her long hair, so this was also a cause for celebration.  

Abha and Dannie

Abha and Dannie

Abha’s handiwork

Intermixed with these milestones, she is experiencing continued pain every waking moment. The pain is changing and we are wondering if it is evidence of “retracing” a phenomenon wherein Lyme patients receiving stem cells re-experience past symptoms as the stem cells settle into areas of injury. For Dannie there are 12 years of very painful and difficult symptoms… Wednesday and Thursday she had myoclonus, and a long episode of seizure-like experiences which were very painful, straining, every muscle tensed and rigid, hands locked in fists, and completely exhausting. They seem to have passed, leaving the pain of the extreme straining in their wake. Her most recent searing burning pain seems to have been traded out for migraine, auras, nausea, and deep deep pain encapsulating her whole body. Her vision is much compromised, making seeing difficult. And noise is, at times, painful. We must be very careful not to accidently bump the bed sending waves of sharp pain through her body. Her veins are protesting holding IV lines and she has been accessed more than 20 times in the past two weeks. Her picc line came out, we believe due to her being moved by well-meaning nurses/MD’s at Apollo trying to get her on a gurney. Sleep has been elusive. No complete sleep cycles since Wednesday when she was able to sleep for four to five hours for the first time in months.

As I sit here, in the dim light of room with shades pulled, the hissing of the air conditioner, and ever present honking horns, she is now sleeping, or appearing so. Often it “looks like sleep” but she is not … just lying as still as possible so as not to stimulate any pain by movement. When the pain is at its highest, she does not even dare move her mouth to speak. Sometimes the only evidence of her wakefulness is a tear on her cheek and a soft, almost inaudible moan. Her pain visible: the sweat on her face, a furrowed brow.  Later she will report awareness of being awake… having been trying to disassociate from pain, meditate, breath. Like the relief that comes from a baby finally falling asleep after hours of crying: walking, patting rocking- we don’t dare verify if the stillness is sleep or another less restful state… we guard the door to minimize interruptions, do not disturb on the door… with the exception of the sisters bring medication.

Ari and Kyler are having a home cooked lunch somewhere in Delhi with a new found friend of Ari’s, Yudhisthir.  The heat is penetrating, sneaking up on those of us not familiar, requiring quantities of bottled water and mindfulness about hydration that surpasses our already practiced water consumption. After lunch Kyler hopes to shop to find some “pajama pants” to allow for a cool alternative to jeans, which really have no place in this weather.  Ari has acquired the traditional dress, which delights the MDs and sisters. He will move back tomorrow.

My heart is full.

in our bathroom today

in our bathroom today


  1. Kate, thank you for these updates.


  2. Never have I been so aware of God’s love and ability to send miracles as I have been watching His work through your family. Although I’m sorry that Dannie is still experiencing pain, I just know that He is doing amazing things and that all will be worth it in the end. Thank you for all the photos and updates!


  3. It gladdens my heart to hear that there is now evidence of the stem cells repair of Dannie’s tortured body. I’m so glad to hear of the special love and caring she is getting. May she continue to heal every moment and may she be out of pain as soon as possible.


  4. Yeah for some small amount of improvement. Praying for continued progress and hopefully a full recovery. Thanks for keeping us posted Kate.


  5. I hope Dannie gets a break– if she does have to go through so much as a part of the therapy– just a break for a while. All our prayers continue.


  6. I pray daily for you and the kids. Safety, peace, healing , renewal of so much. Love from afar but so close in heart.


  7. I have never been so aware of God’s miracles as I have been while watching His work through your family. I know that He has a great plan for all of you and even though there may be pain now, He knows what he is doing. And keep up the good hair!!!


  8. So thrilled to see Dannie up and in a wheelchair, even if it didn’t last long. May it be the first of many little miracles on their way to her as I type this.


  9. May her ability to sit in the wheelchair and participate in life, even for just a few minutes, be only the first of many miracles on their way to her now. Sending much love to you all.


  10. hope for a swift release from the pain continues to flow your way on wings and a prayer.


  11. sending hope for a rapid banishment of this pain! it’s good to hear of something happening in the right direction.

    what do you call a rabbit who works in anesthesiology?

    an Ether Bunny!!

    Happy Ether!


  12. hello Kate, Dannie and Ari
    i logged in to the blog today and am so curious and concerned as to how Dannie is doing, wondering about Ari’s continued progress and of course, thinking of you, Kate, dealing with all of this in what I NOW KNOW!! such foreign circumstances…..even seeing the photos posted, is such a familiar environment now for me and literally “puts me in the spot”!
    Even though today, Easter Sunday, is not my Holiday (we are celebrating Passover now), i am hoping and praying that from here on in, Dannie will start making significant improvements to her health. She is so fortunate to have both you and Ari there with her and, of course, the warmth and affection of the wonderful staff at NuTech. Sending love, hugs and kisses to all 3 of you xoxox Valerie


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