Together again for a and laughter

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After months, the first time in our home together... and maybe the last time.

After months, the first time in our home together… and maybe the last time.

Thanks to Ari, we were  masked and able to go home today for the first time since Ari left for his India trip at the end of September. He returned October 29th, with nearly PERFECT spect scans of his beautiful, bright brain!!!! We are still celebrating the miraculous improvement and excited to see how he progresses in the next months.

While Ari was gone, Dannie spent the same month in Peninsula Hospital. We did not post this, as we wanted Ari to not worry while around the world getting stem cell transplant. Today is the very first time Dannie was able to get out of bed to venture home, and the first time we have all been together here since September.

Due to the mold in our home, Ari was not able to return home from India and Dannie was not able to discharge from the hospital home either. Ari has been staying with an amazing and welcoming family, pushing through his shyness and reserve and Dannie and I have been with another generous family who have opened their guest room to us.

We are continuing to look for a new place…. nothing yet.

More to come. Just wanted to share our latest family portrait!!! Smiles wide beneath the masks…

Gratitude for life and the love of family and friends.


  1. Hello Kate,

    I just wanted to leave a note for you, Ari, & Dannie after reading your website & blog. I’ve been meaning to reach out for the past 6 months…but alas…I too have been debilitated from what appears to be Lyme & possible mold exposure for 15 years & my experience mirrors that of you & your kids, so finding the strength to reach out has been difficult. Nonetheless, watching your full length video & reading Dannie’s ‘day-to-day’ experience was like watching the story of my life! My heart was filled with compassion for you guys & wanted nothing more than full healing for Ari & Dannie and to help in whatever way I could…I know how much they need & deserve it so they can move on with their live’s & give their gifts to the world. Considering I’m in the same financial state as you & require care like Air & Dannie, I’m not much help in that sense…but just wanted to let them know that they’ve got a brother who’s in the trenches daily just like them, who know’s what it is like to feel the desolation & isolation these health challenges bring & what it’s like to feel as if one’s life has been irreparably destroyed & all dreams shattered. Yet despite all this, still chooses to dream, & move forward with an open heart, & do whatever it takes to heal & overcome. For whatever it’s worth, I felt like they needed to know this.

    I have just begun treatment with Dr. Klinghardt in Seattle who is having great results with difficult cases of Lyme like ours, so if things end up well for me I’ll let you know, & I’d like to know more about the stem cell treatment you guys are getting.

    Please hang in there you bright strong souls & be in touch if you need!

    Many blessings,



    • Dear Joel, with the daily life as it has been, I have not been on this blog for quite some time. I just found your message today and am so touched by your sentiments. I am so sorry to hear about your illness, and am adding you to the list of Lyme patients I hold in my heart and prayers. I will share your encouragement with Ari and Dannie… means so much coming from someone who really knows.
      How is your treatment with Dr. K going? I know several people who have seen him, and a family that I am very close to have had very very amazing results.

      with hope that does not end,


  2. I saw your story on YouTube and then visited your site, what an awesomely strong woman you are Kate, Ari and Dannie are very lucky to have someone like you, I never even knew that Lyme disease was so bad until I came across Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates talking about his nightmare with the illness. I really wish Ari and Dannie get through this and the stem cell therapy works for them they are incredibly brave I wish them both and yourself the very best
    Andy James


    • It has been so long since your message, but with all that each day brings, I have not been on the blog until today. Thank you so much for your message. This journey can be so lonely for long stretches and you taking the time to send your regards means so much. Ari is getting much better, with some challenges still ahead, but so much better. He has now been to India twice. Dannie has yet to see that degree of progress, and needs to return to India when her body can manage the trip/experience. Again, our gratitude sent out to you,


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