Transplant underway!

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India Exploration

India Exploration

Ari Getting Stem Cells!!!

Ari Getting Stem Cells!!!

Ari, in India for stem cell sporting his LymeLight T-shirt

Ari, in India for stem cell sporting his LymeLight T-shirt

ari and his nurse/friend, clint.

ari and his nurse/friend, clint.

From Ari:
“It is with excitement and gratitude to God and all those that have contributed that I am able to share that Dr. Shroff is confident that after this month of treatment I will not require any additional stem-cell therapy, save being reinfected with Lyme.

My initial spect scan taken upon my return for a third round of treatment has shown that the stem-cells have continued there work since my last trip to India – and show an impressive improvement over the last scan from my second round of treatment.

The expectation is that over the next 9-11 or so months, the new stem-cells will continue to move, grow, and develop, and that this process will lead to completed recovery and the opportunity to at long last live a more full life!”

Ari is half-way complete with his second trip to India for HESC transplant… excitement and challenge… up days and less up days. Being there is a blessing, missing having family and significant others there to face the procedures, share the adventure and to process the events of the days has been daunting at times. That said…. phone, skype, email has kept us close in contact. This week Ari will have a three day procedure, with an epidural catheter and pretty much bed bound, finished just before his birthday on the 17th.

  1. How is your stem cell transplant progressing. May God grant you His healing power first and also the stem cell to work in your body. Rooting for you.
    Possible housing near El Camino and Hwy 92: 3 bedroom house is being remodeled NOW!
    CALL Jason Chan: 650-458-8990. His family goes to my church in Belmont, Fellowship Bible Church. My son, Jon is being treated for lyme disease which might have started 10 years ago but wasn’t diagnosed as lyme until 3 years ago. I met you and your mom at hour home 2 summers ago. Joan Leong


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