Help With Housing… Leads Welcomed!

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2013 at 8:29 am

Mold… Yes, Again: With mold discovered in our home, we now have a clue as to what may have contributed to the loss of some of Ari’s progress upon his return from India last year, and we will not be able to continue living in our home, rented, but our home for 12 years or so. With mold being the first event that thrust us into the health crisis we have been facing for 13 years, we are all too familiar with the devastating impact on health and the need to move expeditiously.

We must find new housing as soon as possible… we have a dream of owning our own home again~ our cozy home lost with the cascading effects of mold 14 year ago, and necessity for me to stop working when Ari and Dannie were young, sick and in need of my care and presence. I was so thankful at the time to have the remediated house to sell to allow me to stay with them for a while. However, now, our desire to have a stable home, a healing place that we can nestle into, invest love and care, rest, and welcome others, has surged to grand proportions. I have so missed this sense of HOME and ROOTS. Ari has lovingly tended the garden and the Central Peninsula Church generously made over our home when we were in India… he is grieving the loss of his carefully nurtured plants, and sad to anticipate leaving the signs of love from the CPC community. It meant and means so much…visible presence of God’s care.

We do hope for some dirt… some place to ground, and grow… some place to feel secure and at ease. Though it could easily be a source of fear and anxiety, we are focusing on excitement and anticipation for what God has in store with this unsought/unplanned move. The peninsula housing market would deter us, but we know that supernatural things can happen…Thinking outside the box and outside of what seems likely or possible!!!

So, now to the list, prayers for supernatural guidance and direction for our house hunt! And Any Leads are Welcome!!!


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