August~ People Acting as Angels

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August 26, 2013

Dannie is across the room sleeping, a hotel in San Mateo, back from Kansas and can’t come home because we found out last week that our house has mold. Ari must not return here after his next trip to India for human embryonic stem cell transplant in October.

Yes. Twice in our life we find ourselves urgently in need of a new, mold free home.  This whole ordeal started with a flood in our house, mold, sickness, hotel, dispose of EVERYTHING that might have mold spores, which is essentially everything, pull down, rebuild, sell….rent…… and mold.

Dannie’s trip to Kansas was successful…while slower progress after the surgery there is again improvement, more life, more hope. Dannie’s current wish is to return to Kansas for continued treatment. This may need to be for an extended length of time and we are exploring options to allow this to happen.

Dannie and Dr. Jernigan 2.21.13Dr Jernigan and Dannie

Dannie in the Wichita Snow... Taking Walks -- PLURAL---for the First time in Years.

Dannie in the Wichita Snow… Taking Walks — PLURAL—for the First time in Years.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….. Ari is gardening, resting, taking pictures and preparing for his next trip to India, leaving September 30, 2013. A group of anonymous donors have made this possible…. no words. No words can describe how grateful and hopeful we feel.

Below are some of the pictures he has taken recently, a new form of therapy and healing for him.

Art Photos and Mayras bday santa rosa 280

Art Photos and Mayras bday santa rosa 144

13 and Castle Rock SP 247

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