Late Entry from Kyler 5.14.2012

In New Delhi on May 27, 2012 at 7:22 am

Thank you for everything! Last Thursday  (May 10, 2012) we were able to make it to a restaurant, Out Of The Box, for dinner. It was absolutely magical. We had tuna melts and greek  salads- boy do we miss fresh vegetables! Dannie did have to push really hard,

though. The next three days she was stuck in bed, the cost for pushing. Dannie said, however, “I was thrilled and elated to get out.”

We never take anything for granted. After being stuck in bed since Friday she was able to take a shower Sunday night, quite a big deal when it is the 4th since her arrival to India.

Yesterday we were able to make it to downstairs for yoga. Sara, and Heidi two fellow Lyme patients from Germany, and wonderful caregiver, Abah, also joined in.

“Despite our many trials and tribulations,  within such a great challenge-fighting for our lives, we still

manage to laugh” Dannie said, refering to herself, Heidi and Sara.

Today Daannie had an Epidrual Catheter procedure and will be suck in bed for two to three days, on bed rest receiving stem cells injected through a tube inserted in to her spine.

We are looking forward to Sheila’s arrival in a day.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers.


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