retracing Blues…

In New Delhi, Uncategorized on April 30, 2012 at 6:26 am

4/20/2012 or 20/4/2012 here in India

Retracing Blues

Ari has had a few intense days of retracing…. After years of attributing exacerbation of symptoms to herxing, or die-off, attributing the seemingly same experiences to the stem cells settling in and HEALING is a welcome redefinition/understanding of otherwise difficult to cope with discomforts. Nauseated, sweating, dizzy, shooting pain, exaggerated startle responses, down mood, … and in Ari’s words, compounded by “end of journey jitters.”  Shifting through all the learnings and implications of this profound experience will undoubtably be fodder for reflection for the duration of all our lives.

It is past eleven in the morning~ I have consumed the morning poached eggs that are the NuTech standard and generally are rejected by Dannie, Ari and Kyler. Each morning a version of eggs arrives at the door… releasing the morning egg smell that is, well,  less than pleasant. Ari has made instant oatmeal which he has grown so tired of. Dannie has become “addicted” to Tiger Crackers, a rectangular version of children’s crackers, sort of tasting like a combination of animal crackers (not the gluten free, organic version…) and vanilla wafers. Oh, well….

I have just cancelled for the third time, an appointment at Asian Roots for Dannie to get her hair done. She is anxious to have it relaxed somewhat to prevent the matting that has happened repeatedly when she is in bed for days on end.  One of her amazing strengths is to keep planning for each day to be better… thus the repeated scheduling. She/we will try again. Pain control continues to be too limited to assist her in getting out of bed to venture to the salon, while waiting for the stem cells to provide healing. Cascades of symptoms from the past twelve years being played like a repeating octave up and down and back again. Minor clanging, crashing, pedal down.

We have happy news:

Dr. Amiram Katz it here! ( He has spent time with Dannie and will meet with Ari before he leaves.  Another unrequested gift! He is warm, kind and knowledgeable, and had a soothing impact on Dannie. His Lyme knowledge was a welcome addition to the care she is receiving, as well as his experience with pain and sleep disorders. He had some valuable perceptions of, and treatment responses to, Dannie’s condition that we believe have yielded some, albeit incremental,  improvement in her pain symptoms. Today he will be speaking on the use of IVIG with neurodegenerative diseases, a presentation he has not done before.

All for now, more later with pictures. The day is demanding my active participation which does not include sitting here  a minute longer.

Hugs and so much happiness,


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