to the ends of the earth

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3/9/12 to 3/11/12

Post One ~ Kate

To the ends of the earth…..

It is six a.m. I am reclining on a futon a few feet from Dannie’s hospital bed having sleep allude me all night. The college dorm sized refrigerator next to my head is vacillating from a hum to a percolator… bubbly then hissing… oddly soothing against the back drop of the early morning birds, automobile horns, the white noise of the air conditioner. Dannie is seemingly finally resting, I hear an occasional deep breath, but unlike when she was a baby and satisfied from nursing and we would both drop off to sleep for the two hour break, I am wide awake, with swirling thoughts and feelings competing with the ambient sound. We are in India to save her life.

Gratitude~ a string of miracles culminated in us arriving here, on the other side of the world. I am in a state of awe and wonder. Ordinary middle class, Santa Rosa girl. Nothing extra ordinary about me, or my life, until this surreal unraveling of Dannie and Ari’s health swept us up, rearranging everything measureable… the only thing left in place, seriously challenged but remaining,  is our love for God and each other and belief, despite circumstances portending the opposite, “that all things work together for good…”

We have been shown extraordinary love. When I think of it, I still can’t grasp it. I know I will be unable to express the ineffable gratitude to each of you, for prayers, for kind words, for grace when I have been less than I wanted or you wished, for practical help, for listening, for standing the gap when this all was simply too big, too long, too much of everything.

There have been twelve years of agony, floundering, finding our way only to have the path cut off again, twelve years of the “nothing else could possibly happen” with something else happening, the torment giving entrance to twelve years of miracles bringing us to this moment.

The last few days before the departure~ travel donated in full, hours of calls and coordination to get the right flights, the right lay over, the right seats- a crew of self-selected and recruited saints (although some would say they were “called”)  put aside their lives to make saving Ari and Dannie’s  life possible. Denise running from place to place gathering medicine, finding lost paperwork,  a dozen other things, scooping up our kitty for care while away, arranging for us, with help from her sister, Diane,  to be ushered like celebrities from the curb to the plane (by way the British Airways first class lounge a glass of merlot and cheese, thank you Lorri, Harold and Wayne),  Dannie being escorted by Dr. Brandeis who made sure she was as comfortable as possible on the flight to Ari having arranged for a car, days in advance and personally checked out and instructed the driver as to what his sister would need so that her suffering would be lessened by as smooth and calm a ride as possible. Sheila while available and willing to return to India when needed, now providing a vacation to our dogs, Lily and Wesley, and Glenn keeping the process going at home, to move toward the required follow up care. This has taken more than village…Lyme Light Foundation and hundreds of donors who opened their hearts and contributed to making this possible. So many I haven’t mentioned here…

Denise and sister, Diane in the British Airway Lounge before flight.Dannie, Kyler and Annegret awaiting flightDr. Brandeis (Dr. Awesome) and Dannie on airplane upon arrival in India

To see Ari, again! To embrace him, to observe the tender reunion of Ari and Dannie, and see him fully engaged in life!! Living in New Delhi, on his own, with a month off from treatment. He will have an additional month of transplant in April. Ari carefully paved the way for our arrival, with his two month of experience he was able to ensure that each detail was taken care of, the clinic “knowing” his sister already, taking charge and having the energy to do it.  Dannie next.

The first few days were rough, Dannie’s pain unrelenting. Hours of unspeakable suffering, no sleep. Yet, when the nurses, called sisters here, and doctors ask, she reports her pain, but always ends, “but I am so happy and grateful to be here.” She has begun treatment and a new medication to manage her pain seemed to be help some today.

Day two

Ari is staying across the street, and will return to NuTech the first of April for his first “follow up” treatment, saving him a trip back and forth and allowing us to be together during this most meaningful time.  It is beyond expression what it is like to see him dashing up the stairs, free of back pain for the first time in 12 years, with energy to carry him through a full day.

Abha, Dannie's caregiver, Ari and Dannie at NuTech

Signing off for now. Finishing this writing at 3:04 a.m. New Delhi time… and very happy.


  1. Thank you Kate! It’s wonderful to hear how well Ari continues to feel. It gives us proof that this treatment works, and that gives us confidence that Dannie will eventually experience the same feeling of wellness. I think everyone expects her to have a bigger struggle getting there, but the day is coming. You’re a strong, strong woman!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing…….crying while I read about all the strategic planning from so many people who are really God’s hands extended to you three “for such a time as this”. So thrilled to know Ari and Dannie are being helped and that finally, there is some light at the end of a long dark tunnel in your lives! Will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers… Renee’
    P.S. Kate, you are an amazing writer, maybe someday God will inspire you to write down this long journey to share with others


  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings Kate, you are so inspiring, to make us all better people. Witnessing your miricle is a miricle for me in itself…your ability to share your thoughts is remarkable to say the least! I hope for you peaceful nights as you have this special time with your children…such a miricle…So happy for you….know how much you are loved, how much your babies are loved…and know we are alllll pulling for you guys! Safe travels my friend….love to you all!


  4. Hi Kate – thank you so much for the update. I too am shedding some tears reading your blog. You are an amazing, strong, courageous woman, and you have passed all of that and more to your children. I am so excited to hear that there is so much hope and encouragement from these treatments. After reading Ari’s blog, I am so happy that he is doing so well. Danni will be on her way too, I feel that in my heart. Stay strong and all of you are in my prayers every day. ❤ Sending love to you ❤


  5. Thank you Kate for updating us. We all continue to pray for ALL of you and can hardly wait for the day when all is well with your family.


  6. It is so hard to conceive that you have had such a long and arduous struggle with this disease. It is good to hear from you and know that you have arrived safely in India to find Ari so much improved. God Bless all those who have helped you to make this journey. We anxiously await good news about Dannie. I am deeply saddened to live in one of the most affluent countries in the world and yet we are so behind in our progressive treatment of Lyme disease that you have had to travel half way across the world to find the treatment you need for your children. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. May God hold you and your children in his hands.
    Peggy Wyle Bennett


  7. We are praying daily for all! as we gather this weekend .. you all will be in our hearts and prayers.
    much love


  8. Quite a relief to see Kyler is there also. It took almost a week to get news of his safe arrival. And how wonderful to read of such positive attitudes inspite of hardships etc. I hope you all are able to experience the wonderful herb and spice infused vegetarian cusine India is most famous for. The more layers of healing the better it seems to me.


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